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Intuitive counseling and coaching for women awakening to their  power.

I hold a sacred and loving space for you as a woman to reclaim your inner wisdom and power. Most importantly, to experience more joy, freedom, and fun in your life!  Believe it or not, life is supposed to be fun!

My intention as an intuitive counselor and coach is to offer you tools to start attracting, creating, and designing the life of your dreams.


Only a prestigious six percent of coaches worldwide are granted the Master Coach designation by the International Coach Federation.


Your presence here matters.  You matter.  

My deepest prayer is that you feel seen, valued, and loved.  Because you are. 

You are not meant to do this alone.  
That’s where I come in.   


Our work together will be guided by connection.  Through our connection, I will be a partner to play with, to bounce ideas off, a soul sister playmate who is fully committed to you living your best life.

Joy & Fun

Our work together will be guided by joy and lightness  We'll take a playful approach to each step allowing an even greater ease in creating the life you are being called to create..

Being Human

We'll play together in a sacred and loving space, where you can leave your inner perfectionist at the door and show up exactly as you are...fully human.  A place where you can discover just how amazing you really are.


Hello, my name is Carole...

I am glad you are here.

I have watched myself and other women struggle to be true to ourselves as we manage the challenges of taking care of everyone else.  I am committed to women like you in finding their inner voice and using it to create change in both your life and in the lives of others.

Let’s chat.  Let’s see what might happen if we were to play together and focus our sister power in helping you to create your best life. 

Carole was my intro to coaching. I found it one of the most enlightening, growth experiences I have ever had. Carole's gentleness, support, and guidance helped me go to the next level in all areas of my life. I greatly recommend Carole's coaching.

Eileen Gould-Lifestyles Interior Design and Construction, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

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