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I inspire Spirited Business Professionals and encourage them to go after their dreams.

Are you craving a life of balance and meaning?

Has your life become more about "doing" instead of "being?"

Would you like to bring more of your Spiritual Self
 into your business or career?

Do you long for a sense of peace and purpose in your life?

Are you attracting the kinds of people in your business
or professional life that make it fun to be at work?

These are questions that I too have asked along with hundreds of professionals that I have coached. (Read More About Carole) Let's face it, the world is spinning faster and faster and if we're not conscious of the choices we make, our life can become out of control and lose it's meaning.

The good news is that you have everything that you need in this very moment to change the way you live and experience your life. Even better, with a partner and coach you will find that even the smallest changes can make huge changes in the amount of satisfaction and happiness you can enjoy in your life. With a little honesty, accountability and someone in your corner to remind you of your brilliance, you can start to live the life you came here to live.

I would be honored to help you discover the joy of connecting to your soul's desire and to live a balanced and meaningful life created around your own values and what matters to you most. Most importantly, to have lots of fun along the way!

So I ask you, what is your heart and soul craving? Do you love yourself enough to pick up the phone and call me?

The choice is yours. You can continue to do what you do in hopes that things will change or you can try something different.

I will be here waiting with love in my heart and a big smile on my face and look forward to connecting with you soon.

By the way, getting the support and motivation you need is easy. All my coaching sessions are done via telephone from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

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“If nonviolence is the law of our being,
the future is with the women.”
- Mahatma Gandh

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"I am so glad to have participated in the group.
It has been a great support for me and a source
of empowerment, clarity, and connection to the
 wise woman within!"
-- S. Mariner

It is my deepest desire to support you in living a wonderful, satisfying and fulfilling life. In my eleven plus years of being a coach, I have found that certain topics are the foundation upon which to build an amazing life. When your foundation is weak or in need of repair, you needlessly suffer and are not capable of living life to its fullest. 

The good news is that by becoming conscious in how you show up in the world, wonderful changes start to happen, both exponentially and quickly.  By exploring and sharing together as Wise Business Women, we will support, encourage and celebrate one another as we embark on a journey of empowerment, passion and joy!


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Thank you for your interest in Monday Morning Coach. After 15 years of publishing a weekly e-zine and newsletter, I am taking a little sabbatical. If you would like to be put on my subscriber list for future publications, I invite you to send me an email at Carole@wisdomcoach.com. In the meantime, I hope that life finds you well and that you are making time for what matters to you the most. I look forward to connecting with you in the near future.

Carole L. Billingham, MCC, Spiritual & Business Coach
Boulder, Colorado
"Bringing YourSelf into Your Business"
303-403-4003   info@wisdomcoach.com

"All the answers to life's questions reside within you"

Call to schedule your complimentary coaching
 session with Carole via phone right now!
I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you!

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