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Imagine yourself living the life that you have always dreamed of. See yourself having lots of time to do all the things that you desire: traveling, enjoying the company of people that you love, writing that book that you have always wanted to write, taking up a new hobby, reading, enrolling in an art class. That's right. You get the idea.

Now see yourself having a career, business, or vocation that makes your heart sing! Each morning you greet the day with a full heart knowing that there is no boundary between work and play. Your chosen profession is a direct reflection of the values, talents, and gifts that are unique to you.

See yourself enjoying an abundance of money, time, health, love, happiness and prosperity. Having unlimited resources to meet all of your needs and desires. Feeling a sense of limitlessness in all that you do. See yourself effortlessly attracting all that you desire in your life.

Most importantly, feel yourself having a sense of inner peace and purpose that beats a constant pulse within you. Know that as you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give permission to others to do the same.

This is what I want for you.

My intention in creating this website (as well as in being a coach) is to offer the tools for you to start attracting, creating, and designing the life of your dreams.

Note: This is an excerpt from my audio book, "The 10 Principles of Attraction". Click here if you would like to listen to an audio version of the excerpt.

FYI: This exercise can also be used as a meditation. By simply closing your eyes and allowing your imagination and creativity to take over, you'll be amazed at what's waiting for you!

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Carole L. Billingham, MCC, Spiritual & Business Coach
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"Bringing YourSelf into Your Business"
"All the answers to life's questions reside within you"

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