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Carole's Top Ten Ways
to Love Your Home-Based Business

  1. Find your higher purpose. Use your unique talents and gifts.

  2. Treat your business like a business. If you take yourself seriously, others will.

  3. Don't be a Secret. Get out and let people know what you do.

  4. Raise your standards. Be a professional in all that you do.

  5. Set strong boundaries. Be clear about what's acceptable and learn to say "No".

  6. Work your plan and plan your work. Know what you want to accomplish and how to get there.

  7. Define your ideal clients and create space for them in your business. Be willing to let clients go if they aren't the right fit for you, to create space for new ones.

  8. Leverage your most valuable asset - YOU. Hire others to do those things you don't do well. Do what you do best.

  9. Honor yourself as the unique being that you are. Use the flexibility and freedom you have as an entrepreneur.

  10. Have lots of fun in your business and in your personal life. Life is an experiment and there's no such thing as failure.

7 Secrets to Finding YourSelf
While Losing Your Sanity

For Mothers and the Women Who Love Them

  1. Remember that You Are "The Queen"!
    Put yourSelf at the absolute top of your priority list.
  2. Practice Extreme Self Care.
    Love and treat yourSelf as well as you treat your children.
  3. Create the Space for What You Want In Your Life. Let go of tolerations, energy vampires and anything else that drains your energy.
  4. Surround YourSelf With the Support You Deserve. Learn to ask for what you want and need.
  5. Lighten Up!
    Stop taking yourSelf and your life so seriously.
  6. Find Your Passion and Express It!
    Tap into what makes your heart sing and rediscover yourSelf.
  7. Have Lots of Fun and Let Spirit Do the Rest.
    Be light in your all that you do and watch as things fall effortlessly into place!

10 Things of Beauty/Blessing That Emerge From Within Struggle or Conflict

  1. Grand Canyon

  2. Diamonds and other precious stones/jewels

  3. Pearls

  4. Newborn Babies

  5. Butterflies

  6. Sandy Beaches

  7. Majestic Mountains

  8. Our spirit and strength

  9. Silk

  10. Islands - lava and hurricanes

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