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Edition of 2/18/2011


From Carole...Special Offer for Coaching About To End!

Second Promotional email about special rate for phone coaching with clients Feb 6th - 12th.

A note to you from Carole
International Coaching Week – Enjoy A Special Session Rate!

Last chance to take advantage of our ICW special session rate! I am extending the appointment dates to the end of the month, but to get the special rate, appointments need to be booked by Tuesday, February 22nd!

Started in 1999 by one of my esteemed colleagues, ICW is designated as a time for coaches and clients to educate the general public about the value of working with a professional coach and to acknowledge the results and progress made through the coaching process.

Having been a certified coach for almost 15 years, I have come to understand that although teaching you about coaching is valuable, experiencing the effects of coaching firsthand is the simplest way for you to see just how powerful coaching can be.

In celebration of ICW, I am making it easier than ever for you to experience the benefits coaching. From now until February 28th I am making available a limited number of spaces and offering you a 55 minute coaching session (via phone) at a special ICW rate of $79. (That’s a savings of over 50%!).

· To say thank you I will also throw in a complimentary copy of my audio book, "The 10 Principles of Attraction: A Practical Guide to Creating Spiritual and Business Success".

· Best of all, if after our time together you decide to purchase a coaching package, I will credit your $79 investment towards the purchase price. (It doesn't get any easier than this!)

Whether you are new to coaching, or a past client wanting to re-connect, consider what we might be able to accomplish as we spend some quiet and focused time discussing your intentions, what might be getting in your way, and as we access your inner wisdom to identify simple steps to allow success to come into your experience.

Perhaps you would you like support in:
· Finding your focus and setting intentions
· Reducing stress and overwhelm in your life
· Finding relief from fatigue, illness or pain
· Learning how to set healthy boundaries
· Raising your standards and stop settling for less than you deserve
· Self Care
· Identifying your life’s purpose and passion
· Strengthening your connection to Self, Spirit and to your own inner guidance/intuition
· Learning how to meditate
· Learning how to use the Law of Attraction to magnetize your intentions

I invite you to take this opportunity to step fully into your life. A new year lays before you…a blank canvas rich with wonder, abundance and possibility. What would you like to create?

Feel free to pass this on to friends and family members who might be interested. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine!

Sending you love,

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

Do you hear Her? The Divine Feminine calls.
Let’s explore the possibilities together…

-Carole L. Billingham, MCC

Carole L. Billingham is a Master Certified Coach* and owner of After many years as a highly successful sales professional and securities broker, Carole decided to follow her inner calling to help women to live happy, balanced and healthy lives. A Graduate of Coach U and Charter Member of the International Coaching Federation, Carole has been coaching happy clients worldwide since 1996. For more information about her coaching please visit

In Carole’s words...
As a recovering perfectionist and super-achiever, my passion is helping women to slow down, re-focus and consciously create a life that revolves around what they value most. In doing so, you can reclaim the joy, vitality and well being that I believe, is your natural state. By learning to relax and remembering that you are at the helm of your life, you can create positive change both in yourself and in turn, the world.

Now, more than ever, women are hearing the call to Be and do something different... to willingly step out of the rat race and to venture boldly into a new future. A future that we are creating NOW. A future where women are valued and honored for the unique gifts that we bring to the world, where we have learned the power of Self Care and of living in our hearts. And where we come together to support and celebrate one another on our journey.

Whether you prefer to explore one on one, in a Women’s Wisdom Circle, or attend a Play With Purpose Playshop or seminar, I invite to join me in a journey of self discovery and playful exploration of creating and living the life you came here to live.

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