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Edition of 1/7/2011


A Welcome to 2011 from Carole!

January 2011 First Announcement for PlayShop Jan 14th.

A note to you from Carole
Welcome to 2011!

As you might remember, I took a break from publishing Monday Morning Coach in order to re- new my spirit and to be with my family.

I am happy to say that I am indeed renewed and I am ready to re-connect with you as we enter into a new year, rich with possibilities.

In 2010 many wonderful things have happened, including answering the call to move my home and offices back to the Denver/Boulder area. By doing so, I intend to be able to enjoy more face to face time with clients and to host gatherings (both virtual and here in Colorado) to allow me to connect more deeply with the amazing people like YOU, in my community.

It is in that spirit that I happily announce the launch of my new business, I will be hosting a party next week (see below) and I hope that you can come. For those of you a little too far to get to Colorado, I will be hosting some teleclasses and online gatherings as well, and I promise to let you know when I have something scheduled.

I give thanks for your presence in my life and I look forward to what 2011 has in store...for all of us!

Sending you lots of love,

January PlayShop:Recover from the busy demand of the holidays by creating time for you to enjoy and nurture YOU!


Do you hear Her? The Divine Feminine calls.
Let’s explore the possibilities together…

-Carole L. Billingham, MCC

Carole L. Billingham is a Master Certified Coach* and owner of After many years as a highly successful sales professional and securities broker, Carole decided to follow her inner calling to help women to live happy, balanced and healthy lives. A Graduate of Coach U and Charter Member of the International Coaching Federation, Carole has been coaching happy clients worldwide since 1996. For more information about her coaching please visit

In Carole’s words...
As a recovering perfectionist and super-achiever, my passion is helping women to slow down, re- focus and consciously create a life that revolves around what they value most. In doing so, you can reclaim the joy, vitality and well being that I believe, is your natural state. By learning to relax and remembering that you are at the helm of your life, you can create positive change both in yourself and in turn, the world.

Now, more than ever, women are hearing the call to Be and do something different... to willingly step out of the rat race and to venture boldly into a new future. A future that we are creating NOW. A future where women are valued and honored for the unique gifts that we bring to the world, where we have learned the power of Self Care and of living in our hearts. And where we come together to support and celebrate one another on our journey.

Whether you prefer to explore one on one, in a Women’s Wisdom Circle, or attend a Play With Purpose Playshop or seminar, I invite to join me in a journey of self discovery and playful exploration of creating and living the life you came here to live.

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