Monday Morning Coach
Edition of 2/28/2008


Carole Billingham: Lady Of The Wings Donation

Lady of the Wings

Carole Billingham Lady Of The Wings Donation


Dear Monday Morning Coach Readers,

It is with great inspiration I write this letter to you about an issue very dear to Carole Billingham. 

Carole and I with our wonderful friend Cara were enjoying an art walk in Denver when a painting at a particular gallery touched Carole.  She felt an immediate connection to the beautiful imagery of an angelic female with angel wings releasing butterflies. After talking with the gallery owner and eventually the artist, Michelle Barnes, she found out Michelle had a similar journey to Carole of intense recovery from a brain injury due to a car accident.  Carole also found out Michelle is now facing an additional life challenge of cancer.

The gallery owner is selling Michelle’s art commission free to help Michelle raise funds for the cancer treatments for this aspect of Michelle's  journey. 

With this letter, I am inviting you to join me in helping Carole follow through on her heart’s calling to purchase this piece of art.  I am personally contributing $20.  If you feel a similar inspiration by Carole in your life and her connection with this artist's journey, please consider contributing an amount that is right for you.

Click HERE to contribute.

I send many good wishes to you!

Thank you,


Heather Hovis
Longmont, Colorado

P.S. You can visit more of Michelle's artwork at