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Edition of 9/17/2007


Carole Billingham's Monday Morning Coach for September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Coach Monday Morning Coach

Carole Billingham's Monday Morning Coach
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Monday Morning Coach

"All the answers to life's questions reside within you." - Carole

September 17, 2007 - A publication of The WisdomCoach -

Monday Morning Coach
Written weekly by
Carole L. Billingham, MCC

Spiritual and Business Coach

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Good Morning!


Have you ever had a heart so filled with gratitude that you felt like bursting? This has been one of those weeks for me.

The more I focus on what I'm grateful for, the more blessings the Universe seems to bring me.


I've always believed that what you focus on expands. So the hard part is to catch yourself from thinking negatively early enough, before it creeps in. Thankfully, with a little practice, it does get easier.


If you were to take a moment right now to inventory all the things that you are grateful for, what would be at the top of your list? (YOU, dear reader, are at the top of my list of blessings.) How about writing them down and putting them where you can see them this week on a regular basis?


As you focus on your list, bring your awareness into your heart and notice it softening and perhaps feeling fuller. Know that as you focus closely on your heart you will be making more room for appreciation and in turn Spirit will send you even more to be grateful for.


If you find negative emotions coming to the surface, bless them, smile, and allow them to pass thru, for on the other side of those emotions lie love and true bliss.


Wishing you a week of unexpected blessings,



Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week:  "Gratitude focuses our attention on the good things in life. It takes our blessings and multiplies them. When we joyfully express appreciation, it opens our hearts and allows us to experience more love."
- Daniel T. Peralta


Question:  What are you most grateful for this week?


Affirmation:  "With a full heart, I give thanks for all the blessings in my life. What a joy it is to be alive!"


Copyright 2007, Carole L. Billingham, MCC  All rights reserved.

What People are Saying about Coach Carole

"No matter how confusing the situation seems, Carole has the unique ability to hone in on what really matters to you so that your next step is as clear as a bell. In a word, she's awesome!"
 - Arlene Knowles, Personal & Business Life Coach, Elkridge, MD

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Ask Coach Carole

One of the most gratifying parts of writing Monday Morning Coach is hearing from you. Knowing that my writing resonates with you and addressing things that matter most to you is what inspires me to keep writing.

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Carole was featured in The Denver Post on August 26, 2007. The article titled, "Coaches talk clients to new growth, action, connection" can be read by clicking this link.

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