Monday Morning Coach
Edition of 9/10/2007


Carole Billingham's Monday Morning Coach for September 10, 2007

Monday Morning Coach Monday Morning Coach

Carole Billingham's Monday Morning Coach
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Monday Morning Coach

"All the answers to life's questions reside within you." - Carole

September 10, 2007 - A publication of The WisdomCoach -

Monday Morning Coach
Written weekly by
Carole L. Billingham, MCC

Spiritual and Business Coach

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Good Morning!


As I write this edition of Monday Morning Coach, I am admiring a gorgeous male elk outside my office window. He has a glorious rack about 4-feet high and is sunning himself while lying down near my favorite pine tree. He is resting up, as the rut (mating season) is about to start.

Sure enough, as I peer around the corner, I can see a harem of 3 females also enjoying the warmth of the autumn sun.  It won’t be long before the bucks commence their ancient ritual of wooing the females with their eerie bugling and strutting their regal beauty for all of us to enjoy, female elk included.


As I ponder the mating rituals of the elk (trust me, I don’t do this all that often), I am reminded of the importance of honoring our own inner nature. Fall is indeed a time to start slowing down from the frenzy of summer and to embrace our own inner need to slow our pace and to focus some of our energies inward. 


Like farmers reaping their summer’s harvest, inside our hearts lay a bounty of wisdom and insight, there for the asking. You can choose to leave your crops on the vine to rot, or you can go inside and satisfy your craving to fill your baskets with the fruits of your soul.


So I ask you, what is your inner nature craving or asking of you?  What can you do this week to honor that desire?


Have a satisfying week! 



Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week:  "Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here."
- Thich Nhat Hanh


Question:  How much of your life is spent thinking about the past or worrying about the future? What gift awaits you now, in the present?


Affirmation:  "I willingly let go of the past and embrace the present. As I do so, I know that the future will unfold perfectly."


Copyright 2007, Carole L. Billingham, MCC  All rights reserved.

What People are Saying about Coach Carole

"Carole is very affirming in her one-on-one coaching sessions. I find it very validating."
Meg Cicciarella, Independent Consultant, Estes Park, CO

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Ask Coach Carole

One of the most gratifying parts of writing Monday Morning Coach is hearing from you. Knowing that my writing resonates with you and addressing things that matter most to you is what inspires me to keep writing.

I'd like to request your input. What topics would you like to see addressed in upcoming issues of Monday Morning Coach? Do you have a specific question that you'd like to ask?

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NEW! Carole was featured in The Denver Post on August 26, 2007. The article titled, "Coaches talk clients to new growth, action, connection" can be read by clicking this link.

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