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Edition of 4/24/2007


Carole Billingham: Announcing Women's Coaching Circle

A Celebration of You!

Women's Coaching Circle


I've been feeling inspired lately to gather women and to create a Women’s Coaching Circle. Would you like to join me? 

For eons, women have come together in circles to laugh, learn and create. In our quest for success and survival, it has become easier than ever before to feel isolated and disconnected from ourselves, from others and from our world.  It is my deepest longing to be a catalyst in bringing women together in friendship, in healing, and in growth. 

On my own journey I have experienced the desperation of feeling alone and not fitting in to a world with values that seem different from my own. To the other extreme I have experienced a sense of joy that comes with the understanding that I am not alone on my path and that there are many others like me, wanting to create a life of purpose, of joy, and of connection.

For 11 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to create sacred space with hundreds of clients wanting more in their lives.  Up until now, I have always done my coaching one on one. 

I am now ready to step into the unknown and hold the space for the circle to be wider by creating a small and intimate coaching group.  I would be honored to know that you would like to join me. 

What:  A Women’s Coaching Circle

Who:  Seven fun-loving women who crave connection, inspiration, and the freedom to live a life they love.

Why:  Because you know in your heart that it is time for women to gather together with the intention to reclaim our power, passion and purpose, and experience the zest for a life we deserve. Together we can have fun, enjoy new friendships, and giggle our way to the life we came here to live.

How: We will gather together from all over the world via a weekly 55 minute telephone gathering. You will connect with other women desiring more balance, self- care, and need for acknowledgment in their lives.  Together we will connect and find our wisdom, our voice and our truth.

We will talk about setting healthy boundaries, learning to say no, raising our standards, and asking for what we want.  We will discuss the obstacles that often trip us up and how to lovingly move through them. Most importantly, the agenda for our time together will be created by the group itself as we explore our heart’s deepest desires and tap into the wisdom of the women within our circle. 

As we come together we create unity, strength and the understanding that we are all in this together. 

If you are ready to join our journey, please email me at for more details.




Speaker, Author and Spiritual and Business Coach, Carole L. Billingham, MCC

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